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Living with a chronic illness or disability (visible or invisible) can be extremely difficult both emotionally and physically. I know from first hand experience how it can affect all aspects of your life and relationships! Lately I feel like I’ve been drowning in the media and the wider communities perception on having ‘invisible’ disabilities. I’ve experienced extreme stigmatization and prejudice. On good days, I can function with minimal help but on the bad days I have to rely on people to help me out to achieve activities of daily living and on those days I rely on my wheelchair to help me maintain my independence. Where I live this has sparked controversy, as all they see is a 22-year-old woman who they deem to be fit and functioning. I frequently hear people whispering as I go by ‘I bet she does it for the blue badge and all the benefits ‘they’ receive. On other occasions, my stoma has been party for people’s jokes and derogatory comments in the pub. At first I would get angry and upset but now I’ve come to realise a lot of it comes down to lack of understanding and education around disabilities which are a) hidden or invisible or b) a taboo subject like stoma, anything that includes bodily functions or secretions.

So the aim or my blog and new social media network is to provide a platform where us spoonie’s (a spoonie is an endering label for those people battling with a chronic/invisable illness- origin The Spoon Theory, Christine Miserandino) have a network where we can support each other through the physical heartache and emotional aspect. I want a place where we can laugh and cry together about the ups and downs in our own very personal journeys. Where we can collectivly join together and share information to help educate the wider community and and create awareness and education about our individual illnesses and disabilities. Tearing down the taboo’s ans myths!

With Love,

R x


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