EVERYONE poos, as a society we engage in sexual activity quite openly, yet we don’t want to accept we ALL poo. Wether that be via a surgical opening called a stoma or via a normal anus. No shit is pretty, nor does it sparkle or smell like roses. Yet I’m seeing trolls and the rest of society judging those with a stoma like we’re inferior. I’ve lost countless friends because they can’t handle my stoma or don’t want to be around me because I’m an embarrassment. I’ve lived this life for nearly 6 years so I’ve got thick skin because I’ve had so many insults and that’s fine because anyone can end up with a stoma over night. I actually pity those who judge the stoma society because they are scared of what they don’t know or feel uneducated but who’s fault is that? Although, these people are ignorant, looking down on people makes them feel superior I suppose. Stomas can be created for poo and wee. You can have one because of bowel cancer, bladder cancer, Crohns and Collitis, surgical error from ANY surgery, car accidents, accident in general, MS and the list endless. You get my point. You might laugh at me today but tomorrow it could be you or your family member. How would you feel then? Would you like to be laughed at by friends and society? Would you like to loose friends? Feel like the elephant in the room.

So yesterday the stoma community was victim to trolls who think it’s acceptable to be so damn cruel and discriminatory. Then I find out through a friend that people like to sit and laugh at my blog and take the p*ss. I try not to get angry or upset, I use those feeling to fuel my passion for change.

Ask us questions we don’t bite. Maybe if we was open with our pals and loved ones about our intestinal health we can make a change! Come on guys, we live in a society that promotes us our aesthetic looks but if we don’t take care of our self we won’t live long enough to enjoy life.

If you poo and there’s blood see a doctor. If your bowel habits change so go constipated or have diarrhoea for 3 weeks or more see a doctor. If it’s painful to poo again see your GP. If your going to the toilet multiple times a day and it’s not your norm please get checked out or if you can’t poo and it doesn’t resolve see someone. Also, if you loose weight unexpectedly, get bloated after food or throughout the day, feel weak and fatigued or suffer with abdominal pain or cramps GO GET CHECKED OUT!

Yes a rectal examination, colonoscopy or cystoscopy can be intrusive but it might just save your life or improve your quality of life. Doctors have seen it all before thousands of times. They know how to maintain your dignity and respect but you need to respect yourself first. If something isn’t righ please CHECK.

I’m so glad I checked because had I have left it a few more weeks I’d have been dead. I love my stoma, she’s given me a second chance at life. Stop poo being such a taboo ✨🌟

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