Am I Invisible?

Am I invisible? Do me a favour and look at me and tell me what you see? What do you think when you take a quick glance at me? Do I fit your stereotypes and preconceptions? Do I look disabled ‘enough’ to justify your judgement? Do you pretend I don’t exist to justify your lack [...]


EVERYONE poos, as a society we engage in sexual activity quite openly, yet we don’t want to accept we ALL poo. Wether that be via a surgical opening called a stoma or via a normal anus. No shit is pretty, nor does it sparkle or smell like roses. Yet I’m seeing trolls and the rest [...]

The Black Fog

1 in 4 people in the U.K. currently are battling with their mental health, that means ¼ of the population. I myself have battled with my mental health over the last 5 years- Depression, Anxiety, OCD and PTSD. When I feel like my depression is rearing it’s ugly head, it feels worse than any other [...]

Battery Life Of A Spoonie 🥄

Trying to find a balance between resting and engaging in normal daily activities is THE hardest thing to contend with, when battling chronic illness. Each time we decide to go out to dinner, go shopping or attend appointments we have to decide if we have enough spoons to get through that event. Spoons are a [...]

Stoma Leaks: All Areas

Imagine being 22 and having no control of your bowels. Risking having accident and being covered in poop at any time. The beauty of having a stoma means that I can literally poop partying, sleeping, eating, being intimate or out in public. The down side of course means that due to the nature of having [...]